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Costs to Start a Hair Salon

There are various costs to start a salon business. There are, of course, the start up costs to get your business off the ground. There are also ongoing payments to make including staff pay, supplies and insurance. Here’s a rundown of the main costs involved in running a salon. Startup Costs It’s a general rule of thumb that most salons …

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Marketing a Hair Salon

Starting a salon requires time, money, research and endless dedication but marketing is a key piece of the puzzle to have a successful hair salon.  Getting customers in the door is of utmost importance to building your business. Not only do you have to get clientele to come to your salon, you have to keep them coming and continue to attract …

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How Do You Become a Stylist?

You may have considered becoming a hair stylist for awhile now. Hairdressers help to make their clients feel confident and beautiful. They get to use their creativity and talent each day to create new looks and transformations through hair cutting, styling, coloring and texturizing treatments. It can be a very fun and rewarding job, especially if you like to talk …

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Booth Rental vs. Employees in a Salon – Which is More Profitable?

If you’re considering opening your own hair salon, you may be wondering whether to rent booths or hire employees.  You can rent out space in your salon to independent contractor stylists, which is known as booth rental. You can also hire salon employees and pay them by commission, by the hour or some combination of the two. There are various …

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How to Manage Hair Stylists

As a salon owner or salon manager, one of the trickiest aspects of your job may be staff management and like in any business, stylists need leadership. In a creative industry like the beauty biz, there are bound to be a number of knowledgeable, fun, opinionated and vocal people who are drawn to the work. It can be a lot …

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What Supplies Should Your Salon Carry?

There are so many things to consider and learn when you’re opening a new salon. One of the biggest decisions, beyond hiring qualified and competent staff, is what kinds of supplies you’ll carry and use on your clients. You’re in the beauty industry. Part of being in the business is being an expert in products. You’ll want to choose product …

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How Do You Know if There is Enough Business to Support Your Salon?

While you can never know for certain that there will be enough business to support your salon, there are steps you can take that will help business’s chance for success. One strong point in your favor from the start is that the beauty industry is a solid one that tends to do well, even in a struggling economy. The key …

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Opening a Hair Salon

Starting and opening a hair salon requires a talent for cosmetology, good customer service skills, a head for business and a lot of hard work. The beauty industry has always been a safe bet when it comes to entrepreneurship. Even in a down economy, people will pay to keep themselves looking good. Salon services often can’t be duplicated at home, …

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Designing a Restaurant Menu

designing a restaurant menu

Author: Josh Stone When you’re a start-up business with a shoe-string budget, that photocopied sheet with a simple list of your dishes was enough to get by. But as your business grows and becomes more successful, the time will eventually come when somebody says, “Isn’t it time we got a more professional-looking menu?” Yes, indeed, a full-featured, laminated menu just …

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Starting A Small Restaurant

starting a small restaurant

What You Need To Know About Starting A Restaurant Author: Mario Churchill There are over 900,000 restaurants and eateries in the United States, and they serve more than 70 billion snacks and meals every year. You know how to cook and you like people, but what do you know about starting a small restaurant? While it is a romantic idea, …

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