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Restaurant Business License

restaurant business license

State Requirements  While restaurant business licenses vary from state to state, some of the more common types are listed below. Health Permit If you are going to prepare or serve food that is not sealed you will need a health permit which typically consists of a sanitation course. Business Licenses  A state business license is the main document required for tax purposes ... Read More »

How To Finance A New Restaurant

how to finance a restaurant

I Want To Start My Own Restaurant Business But What Finance Options Do I Have? Author: Jene Pedder So you want to start your own restaurant business but your worried you can’t raise the finance you need to set your business up, if so this article is for you. I will cover the different options that you may want to ... Read More »

Pricing Bookkeeping Services

pricing bookkeeping services

Pricing bookkeeping services range between $25 and $50 an hour (which is much cheaper than the $100 to $250 an hour a CPA charges). Your price depends on your location and level of competition, reputation and depth of your work and number of small businesses in your area. When setting your pricing be sure to ask questions to the client ... Read More »

Benefits of Starting Bookkeeping Business from Home

benefits of starting bookkeeping business from home

Every business whether big or small has to maintain their financial records. Therefore, it is no doubt that the bookkeeping business is a lucrative business. This type of business requires low start capital and the barrier of entry into the business is low and there are many benefits of starting bookkeeping business from home. Virtually almost everyone with sufficient bookkeeping ... Read More »

Bookkeeping Business Plan – How To Develop It?

Bookkeeping Business Plan

Starting a bookkeeping business is an extremely financially viable business option. There will always be a great need for professional bookkeeping services specifically for small to medium sized businesses. Developing a tight and effective business plan should be one of the first steps you take towards achieving success in your bookkeeping business. By designing a bookkeeping business plan you are ... Read More »

Printed Promotions for a Bookkeeping Business

printed promotions for bookkeeping business

News and information about bookkeeping, billing, and tax preparation can be hard to find and understand. Local business owners in need of finance-related services commonly have a lot of questions about government policies and laws on filing taxes, financial statements, and reports. An effective and useful method to educate small business owners about financial matters is the use of printed ... Read More »

How To Start a Successful Bookkeeping Business

How To Start a Successful Bookkeeping Business

The key to figuring out how to start a successful bookkeeping business is knowledge. If you have the skills to be a full-charge bookkeeper, you can easily start a freelance or home-based bookkeeping business. Even if you already work for a regular employer, you can easily market your skills to other businesses and generate freelance income. The US Department of ... Read More »

Pros and Cons of Starting a Bookkeeping Business

Pros and Cons of Starting a Bookkeeping Business

Pros: •You are the boss •You make the hours •You make more profits •You do not need a degree •Your bookkeeping business will not be expensive to start up •Yours is the satisfaction, knowing your company is yours to do with as you please, while reaping all the rewards of your time and efforts Cons: •Good or bad, you are ... Read More »

Bookkeeping Business Advice: Use Timesheets or Quickbooks to Track Your Time

How many bookkeeping business owners track their own time when doing business related tasks? Are you one of the many bookkeeping service providers using QuickBooks to record your time? Can you see your customer gross profit? Do you put a value to the time you spend on your own business? As a bookkeeping business coach, I tell my clients: “Tracking ... Read More »

Bookkeeping Insurance

bookkeeping insurance

Do you need bookkeeping insurance for your bookkeeping business? Good news – Your liability as a bookkeeper is minimal and much better than a CPA unless fraud is discovered. A CPA has tighter rules and restrictions than a bookkeeper (that’s why they make so much more per hour. When a business owner engages with a bookkeepers, the business owner is ... Read More »