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Timeframe to Start a Medical Billing Business

Timeframe to Start a Medical Billing Business

Starting a business will take you longer than you would expect as there will be several variables and people you will need help from before you can begin business.  Here are a few things to take into consideration when starting your medical billing business.   Training – Training can take months to years.  With the many types of medical billing training, the ... Read More »

Medical Billing Training – What You Should Know Before You Commit

Medical Billing Training - What You Should Know Before You Commit

Author: Helen Hecker Before you commit to any medical billing training program, it’s a good idea for you to find out what to expect. First of all you want to eliminate any programs that are not reputable. You will want to thoroughly check out any program before you commit or sign any contract. You can do this by typing in the ... Read More »

Medical Billing from Home – A Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Medical Billing from Home

Author: Raymond Lawrence Are you looking for a home-based business opportunity in which you can not only earn a living but also make a difference in the process? If so, consider medical billing. Perhaps you’ve seen television spots advertising medical billing opportunities and have questioned whether they are “for real.” After all, what exactly is medical billing? And is it ... Read More »

Medical Billing Business Reality Check

Medical Billing Business Reality Check

Not trying to burst anyone’s bubbles here but to dispel some of the myths of starting a medical billing business: The industry is oversaturated in some areas, maybe not yours but before spending alot of money on classes check it out for yourself. The claims of making a six-figure income in just a few months are bogus.  A healthy at-home medical ... Read More »

HIPPA Complience in the Home Office

medical billing home office

Before you start your medical billing business be sure you know HIPPA and are able to follow the guidelines for your home office. Information that is protected under HIPPA Patients name Demographics Diagnosis and history Procedures performed Medications prescribed If your billing business is at home the physician is going to need to know how your are going to keep ... Read More »

The Medical Billing Business Investment: are you Realistic?

medical billing investment

Author: Tammy Harlan You love to go boating and you’ve always wanted your very own boat. After careful consideration, you decide on a 32 foot SeaRay, a very nice cruiser that will sleep 6 comfortably and pull a couple of skiers on the back. Along comes a hot weekend and you are excited about taking your boat to the lake ... Read More »

Choose The Best Medical Billing Training Program For You And Save Money Too!

medical billing training

Author: Helen Hecker There are standard medical billing training requirements to be a ‘medical biller’. Employers usually prefer to hire someone who has completed at least nine months of training. So if you want to work in health care but who rather deal with numbers instead of patients you might want to consider one of the many medical billing training courses that are available ... Read More »