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Ways To Sell Photos Online

Ways To Sell Photos Online

In addition to selling photos via stock photo agencies there are a number of other ways to sell photos online. With all of the ways mentioned below you have the opportunity to build an online portfolio and can be used to handle payment processing. Technically Advanced – Designing a customized website either yourself or a designer provides a way to have ... Read More »

Starting a Photography Business

Starting a Photography Business

Make no mistake, with the advent of digital cameras, photography has become a difficult way to earn a living. There are a lot of people who call themselves professionals because they think they take good photos, and with the quality of cameras, many are at least decent.  Before starting a photography business and try to make a living out of ... Read More »

Marketing a Photography Business

Marketing a Photography Business

Photography is an extremely competitive business where there are a lot of other photographers trying to start and run their business. In order to be successful, you need to excel in a well defined niche and be where your customers are.  While having great photography skills are a given to have a good business, you also must focus on marketing a ... Read More »

Dealing With Competition In Your Photography Business

Photography business competition

As with any business, competition can make it difficult to make money and the photo business is especially prone to this as anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a professional. The story typically starts with a new competitor opening up their photography business and undercuts all of the area photographers pricing, which makes it difficult to compete. This competitor ... Read More »

How To Make Money From Photography

Can You Make Money Off of Photography

Having a passion for photography can be rewarding in many ways. For one it can give great satisfaction to be creative, and express yourself through pictures, much like artists do with their paintings.  Almost everyone with a camera would like to (tries to) make money from photography since it’s a passion but with the cost of good cameras today it ... Read More »

How To Price Photography

Pricing Your Photography Business

The first step to figuring out how to price photography is first figuring what your costs are. The photography business is odd in a business sense because customers value the tangible “the actual photo” but most of your costs are wrapped up in equipment, education and time. Remember to factor all of the cost and time you put into the photo which ... Read More »

How To Make Money Selling Stock Photos

Can You Make Money Selling Stock Photos

Stock photography refers to a central point where photographers can list their photographs for sale for the personal and small business market that is licensed for specific uses. The stock photo sites allow an easy entry point for many photographers to sell their photos to a wide audience, but there are tricks on how to make money selling stock photos. ... Read More »

Photography Business Insurance

photography business insurance

To protect yourself, there are two main types of photography business insurance. One is general liability insurance which covers the photographer/business for any damage to other people on on-site or in a storefront. Even though your client may not require you to carry liability insurance some venues will. The other photography insurance is for the equipment. Photography equipment is expensive ... Read More »

Protecting Your Photos

protect your photos

When it comes to protecting your work, the reality is that you can do things to discourage copying but you can’t stop it from happening. To try to slow clients from making copies, you can use textured prints and stamp the back of all your prints with your copyright info. Many customers don’t even realize they are stealing, but some ... Read More »

How To Get Your Photos In Magazines

How To Get Your Photos In Magazines

The basic rule is that if you want to get your photos published in magazines, you have to submit your work to them, because they typically don’t come looking for you. Your chances of publication are best if you actively contact magazines, find out what they are looking for, and submit work in their requested format. Put together a good mailing ... Read More »