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Electrical Requirement for a Tanning Salon


Air Conditioning and electrical use are two very important things that get overlooked by many new tanning salon owners when setting up in their location and needs to be thought through to lower your expenses. Once you have a good idea on what beds you will be purchasing, check that there is enough voltage and amps to power your equipment as tanning beds require a significant amount of power. Also when preparing your location for the first time, pay the extra money to upgrade now because it will be significantly cheaper than having to redo it at a later time.

Also if possible use 3 phase to save on your monthly costs. Three phase is more expensive initially, but will pay for itself quickly. Also, newer tanning equipment with electronic ballast limits the amount of current in an electric circuit by up to 25% in commercial tanning beds and is an option that will pay for itself. Additionally, ballast will lower your AC usage and equipment life because there won’t be as much heat generated by the equipment.

Because tanning beds generate quite a bit of heat you need to make sure the a/c can handle the increased load. A rule of thumb for is that you will need:

  • 300 BTU of cooling per lamp or;
  • 5 tons per regular bed which as an average of 30 lamps
  • 1 ton per mid-range bed or standup which has an average of 38 lamps
  • 1.5 tons per large bed which has an average of 50 lamps
  • 3 tons per high-pressure unit.

This will be in addition to the cooling needs for the space you occupy, which you can figure on an additional 3-5 tons depending on how well the building is insulated and how large of a space you have.

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