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How To Get Your Photos In Magazines


How To Get Your Photos In Magazines

The basic rule is that if you want to get your photos published in magazines, you have to submit your work to them, because they typically don’t come looking for you.

Your chances of publication are best if you actively contact magazines, find out what they are looking for, and submit work in their requested format. Put together a good mailing list (both mail and email) from magazines that your images fit with.It’s also a good idea to pitch a story with your photo to increase the chances for getting it published. Rarely do magazines go and seek what they need but this is where having a good quality searchable website featuring your photos comes in handy. Being very specialized in what images you produce also helps when a magazine is looking for a particular type of photo.

A popular guide to find out what magazines accept photos and to see what format and how much they pay is called Photographers Market