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Marketing a Hair Salon


Starting a salon requires time, money, research and endless dedication but marketing is a key piece of the puzzle to have a successful hair salon.  Getting customers in the door is of utmost importance to building your business. Not only do you have to get clientele to come to your salon, you have to keep them coming and continue to attract new customers consistently. It can seem overwhelming. Follow these tips to marketing a hair salon in order to get your promotion efforts off the ground.

Set Up Your Website
First and foremost, you want people to be able to find you. So often, those seeking information turn to online sources first because of the convenience. You’ll want to have a website that is easy to navigate, has a clean appearance with visual appeal and contains basic information about your business. Be sure to list a menu of your services with prices, information about anything that sets you apart, location, contact information and images of your salon and examples of looks you’ve created. It’s also a good idea to include photos and biographies of your staff. To ensure your website is found in the search engines, you’ll want to optimize it with key words.

Don’t Forget Online Directories
Be sure to list your salon in the online directories that feature local businesses such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, City Pages and others. Doing so will help to ensure even higher visibility in the search engines, as you can link your website on these directories. In addition, customers can post reviews of your salon, helping to lend credibility as you’re growing your client base.

Develop Social Media Pages
Having a social media presence is really essential these days. At bare minimum, you’ll want to set up profile pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Instagram and Tumblr are fun and great for salons, as they’re image based and require very little writing. You’ll want to add your profile URL’s to your signs, flyers and coupons so that people can find you online.

Partner With Local Businesses
Sit down and brainstorm businesses that may complement your own. Then approach the owners with the idea of some sort of partnership. Get creative. For example, you could team up with a trendy clothing boutique down the street to share each other’s flyers or offer combined coupon opportunities. Nothing goes with a fabulous new hairstyle better than a cute dress, right? The possibilities for networking are practically endless.

Offer Discounts
Coupons or discounters are always enticing to customers, especially when you’re just starting out. Include coupons on your website or promotional offers on your flyers to increase business. A friends and family incentive is another way to bring in additional clients. You could also offer a complementary hair care product with a deluxe service. People always like to feel like they’re getting a deal.Don’t forget to promote your specials on your social media accounts, email lists, signage and word of mouth.

Have a Contest
Something else people love is the chance to win a prize. Think of some fun gifts or services you could offer, and then promote them on your website and online profiles. The holidays are a prime time for these contests. Offer additional entries or a small discount for referrals, and be sure to give entrants the option of including their email address so they can be added to your online marketing efforts.

Keep Word of Mouth Going
Keep the buzz about your business going by encouraging your customers to bring in their friends. Offer a free service or product for the customer who refers one paying client. Make that client happy, and you’ve got the repeat business on which the success of your salon depends.

Engage in Email Marketing
Sending out regular correspondence to your email list is a must. Doing so ensures that you stay on the minds of your clients. Use an eye-catching headline to grab their attention. Remember how everyone loves a bargain or getting something for free? Advertising a discount or special is an awesome and effective way to grab the attention of past clientele. Maintaining your social media presence is another good way to engage your current customers on a regular basis.

SMS Marketing
Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days? And most people have a large texting plan. Use that to your advantage by collecting the phone numbers of your customers when they make their appointment. Ask if they can be added to your text list, but be sure to let them know you’ll only message them with occasional specials or savings. No one wants to be pestered. However, that phone in their pocket is one of the easiest and most overlooked ways of reaching people and is well worth the small time investment.

Get Your Blog Going
Finally, consider starting a blog. Having a blog can help your search engine rankings. Most importantly, a blog allows you to share information with your client base and encourage them to come to the salon to see what you and your staff are up to. Post photos of impressive new looks. Write up a post about the newest technique your staff learned at a workshop. Blog about holiday promotions or contests. Link your posts to your social media profiles to get shares, likes and follows that will lead to increased business and sales.

As you can see, there are tons of easy and effective ways to market your hair salon business. Whether it’s getting the word out, growing your clientele or encouraging repeat business, these marketing methods will help to build your salon’s business and, ultimately, lead to the increased likelihood of success.

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