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Medical Billing Classes


Medical Billing Classes

Before you do commit to any class be sure to research, research and then research some more.

  • Look at the course and what the contents are versus others.
  • Find out if everyone graduates or if there is real consequences to failing tests
  • See if there are numerous complaints against the school or institution.
  • Get a list of graduates and call them to see if they were satisfied with the course.
  • Talk with others on medical billing forums to get some feedback.
  • Be sure the instructor has proper certifications and qualifications.
  • Don’t be swayed by the cost of training to guide you.  A $40,000 program may be a good as a $1,000 course delivered by a qualified association.  Don’t just blindly trust the shiny marketing materials.

The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) allows you to take free certification classes online.  www.cms.hhs.gov

What you learn in class will only be a small portion of what you will be doing in your medical billing business.  Most of what isn’t taught in class is the running the business part which includes sending claims out, answering calls from patients, insurance companies and attorneys, dealing with appeals, etc.  Sending the claim is the easy part of the job, the real work (and where you are making your money) is what happens after it is sent.  While it’s important to be technically knowledgeable you must be able to run a business at the same time.