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Photography Business Insurance


photography business insurance

To protect yourself, there are two main types of photography business insurance. One is general liability insurance which covers the photographer/business for any damage to other people on on-site or in a storefront. Even though your client may not require you to carry liability insurance some venues will. The other photography insurance is for the equipment. Photography equipment is expensive and if broken or stolen, could lead to the business having to close or be put on hold.

While equipment insurance is really optional, liability insurance should be a must have if you are going into business. Photography liability insurance is really inexpensive (around $350 a year in most cases) and only takes one incident to ruin you financially. Even if you are running the business out of your home, most homeowners policies won’t cover liability or equipment used for a business. While this is an added expense, it can’t be stressed enough that if you can’t afford it you shouldn’t be going into business anyway.

Hill & Usher, RV Nuccio specialize in providing photography business insurance.

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