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How To Get Vending Machine Locations


how to get vending machine locations

Getting started with this business, you have two choices in finding locations for vending machines.  One you can do it yourself or you can pay to have it done for you.  Here are some pros and cons of each.

Place Vending Machines Yourself

The best vending machine locator on the planet is “YOU” .  If you are paying others to locate vending machine locations for you, you’re wasting your money.  You are essentially giving your money away for something you should have done yourself.  Also what happens when you want to expand your business?  Are you going to have them continue finding other locations?  Can you make money doing this?

Sure, it takes more time and effort to locate machines, but it costs you nothing but your time.  In addition you gain the benefit of talking directly to the location owner and are able to build a relationship that may lead to other vending machine locations.

Time is not an issue, but rather time management as everyone has some spare time to locate. Anyone who thinks they have no time to locate their vending machines should rethink going into any business, especially the vending industry.

Another point to consider is that finding any location that will underperform and cause you nothing but headaches is easy.  The locating service may want you to do well so you will use them again but they have nothing invested in your business or livelihood.  Their objective is to merely find a location.

Locating vending machines is hard work at first , but it’s rewarding for “you”.   Instead of spending time watching a television show, you could spend that hour making phone calls or stopping in and selling.  Locating vending machine locations does not take a super sales star and is not rocket science, you just need to take the first step.

Using a Vending Machine Locator Service

Don’t feel bad about being a little nervous about trying to locate vending machine locations yourself because most vending machine business owners feel the same way you do.  While it’s easy to say just locate vending machine locations yourself, you might not have the time or the skills to do it.  Sales is a tough job no matter the industry and some people don’t take rejection well and you will hear no quite often when approaching potential vending locations.

The best tip on using a vending machine locator service is to only use one that does not charge any fees to place your vending machines.   One that is good to work with is Atlantic Vending Group (no affiliation).  They do the work and you pay them only when you place your vending machine. Also do your due diligence for vending locators that offer to replace your unit for free for life if it doesn’t perform.  If they claim to replace the unit for free they could either be charging too much or are scamming you.

The final decision is obviously up to you and I am of the opinion that doing it yourself will make you more successful in the long run.  You will have a better feel for the business and be able to grow faster rather than relying on a locator service to hopefully be able to do their job correctly.  That said, if you are aren’t a people person or the thought of contracting makes you nervous, its a small price to pay to get started in the vending business.

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