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Safety In Your Tanning Salon


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With a tanning salon business there are certainly plenty of aspects to cover. One you need to make sure you don’t forget about is safety. This way you can keep all of your customers coming back for more. Most of the time they won’t even be giving their safety a second thought when they come in if you have covered it as effectively as you should.

Pay close attention to your tanning salon equipment as it always need to be in good condition. Replacing older equipment that is wearing out or not working properly is a good idea. Make sure you pay attention to new equipment too so that there aren’t any problems. Regular maintenance can help ensure you have fewer problems to deal with as well.

A monthly inspection of all your tanning equipment is a good idea. You want to look at all the cords, the places where customers access and even the knobs. Knowing everything is working well should give you peace of mind. Cords can become a serious issue if they are where customers can trip on them. Make sure you have safety mechanisms in place due to the amount of power you have in the facility.

Each tanning area should have a shut off button that customers can easily access. For their safety it should be clearly marked. Don’t just assume that everyone knows where it is. Chances are these emergency shut off switches will rarely be used but make sure they can be if the need arises. Someone may need to leave in a hurry or just not be feeling well during the tanning session.

It is a routine part of your business to replace the bulbs that offer the UV rays on tanning beds and tanning booths. When you change them though they emit a more powerful voltage than before. Let your customers know about this so that they can adjust their tanning times accordingly. It won’t be a big deal for some people but it can make a huge difference for others.

There are some risks to indoor tanning and you don’t want to hide them. While your goal with a tanning salon is to make money you also need to keep people safe. If they have a family history of skin cancer it may not be a good idea for them. If they are taking certain types of medications tanning may alter the affects. Post information about these issues for the safety of your customers.

Wearing eye protection while using tanning beds and booths is essential. Too many customers fail to see the importance of it. Offer them various types of goggles for their tanning experience. It is also a good idea to post some information about why this type of eye protection is necessary. The UV rays can cause serious damage if they fail to pay attention to such warnings.

All of your staff members should be well trained in the areas of safety as well. You owe it to your customers to make each experience as comfortable as possible for them. They are tanning to look and feel their very best but it isn’t a necessity. They can easily stop doing it or go to another location if they feel you are putting them at risk.

Betty P Davis writes about the ups and downs of the spa and tanning business. You can avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they open a tanning spa.

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