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Starting a Photography Business


Starting a Photography Business

Make no mistake, with the advent of digital cameras, photography has become a difficult way to earn a living. There are a lot of people who call themselves professionals because they think they take good photos, and with the quality of cameras, many are at least decent.  Before starting a photography business and try to make a living out of taking photographs you must have more than just great photography skills.  You must work on building business skill too. Photography is like any other business and that is in order to succeed, you must know about the accounting, legal, management and most of all the marketing of a business.

Photography is the part of the business that is the least likely to be the element that determines your success or failure. About 80% of your time will be spent doing paperwork, order taking, customer service, coordinating, marketing, setup, etc while 20% will be spent doing the actual photography itself.

If you are looking at starting out, before you spend thousands of dollars on gear be sure this is what you want to do. Many people jump in and find out that in order to make any money from photography, most of their time is doing the business stuff that they aren’t really interested in doing.

Before you make the choice to start your photography business sit down and begin working on a business plan.If you are going to have any chance at making money and being successful, you must specialize. Decide on what part of the market you want to specialize in, research how big of a market this is and how crowded it is. What are you going to do better or more innovative than what’s already being done? There are so many people doing photography now for little to no money, why are you going to be better. Sorry if this is harsh, but better now than later.