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Marketing a Bakery Business

marketing a bakery business

Effectively marketing a bakery business is more than putting some ads in the newspaper or hand out fliers. To market well you need to develop a plan on targeting your market in the most effective and least cost possible. Your marketing plan should include a calendar looking a year out to preplan for holidays and special events. This way you …

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Start a Bakery Business

start a bakery

Need help figuring the steps to start a bakery business? Here is a list to help you get going. Business Plan A business plan is basically a document to identify an opportunity, research why this opportunity is profitable and the steps needed to capitalize on the opportunity. The business plan should be the first thing you do for starting your …

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Bakery Kitchen Options

bakery kitchen options

Starting a bakery is an expensive endeavor, without any guarantee of success.  If you are able, try to find unused or underutilized kitchens while you are starting to make a name for your bakery.  There are several bakery kitchen options that are available to try. The rules and regulations will vary depending on the state you are in but in …

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