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Starting a Brewery

Starting a Brewery

So you have taken your skills from home brewer and now you want to start a brewery.  A lot of people have the dream of taking their favorite hobby and turning it into a career.  What could be more enjoyable than making beer and getting paid for it?  While many people have gone through that phase and were successful, many ... Read More »

Can You Make Money With a Brewery?

can you make money with a brewery

If you are reading this article, chances are that you want to start a brewery.  You are probably even thinking it is a great idea to open one.  If you have the skills to make great beer then you know what it costs to produce it so you should be able to print money, right?  If all you are counting ... Read More »

Licensing a Brewery

licensing a brewery

Licensing a brewery is a complex and frustrating journey.  Every step relies on another and leads into another and any hitch with a step causes delays further down the line. To get a brewers license and begin operations all federal, state, (county and city if necessary) regulations will need to be met, which include obtaining all licenses, permits, and bonds. ... Read More »

Starting a Nanobrewery

starting a nanobrewery

Nano breweries have been getting the attention of entrepreneurs lately,  but is one a good investment.  Here are some thoughts on starting a nano brewery. Nano breweries started in the U.K and are typically brewing under 20 barrels annually.   The allure of nano brewing is the lower investment to get started as one could start in a garage or low ... Read More »

Costs to Start a Brewery

costs to start a brewery

There are a lot of costs to start a brewery and while this article won’t be able to give you specifics as they vary depending on geography and desired scale of operations, here are some things to think about. Help from consultants may come in handy here, especially if you don’t have indepth experience in the industry, plus they can ... Read More »

Brewery Marketing

brewery marketing

For many breweries, especially as the microbrewery boom continues to grow, a majority of your sales will be through the front door.  This will make for a highly fragmented and very competitive marketplace.  Not only is competition from the front door great but if you plan to have product in the liquor stores, you face a great battle there as ... Read More »