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Should You Hire A Tanning Consultant?


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Hiring a tanning consultant is not for everyone but if you find a good consultant (one that has been in the trenches) your chances for success are much higher. Be sure before spending money on one to talk to their clients including the happy and angry ones. Be suspicious of the consultant who has no unhappy clients as not everyone is going to agree with them.

If you believe that you already know everything about starting a tanning business without having the experience you are only being delusional. Even though on the surface the tanning business is simple, there is a lot of things that you need to know to make your business successful. Learning on the job has worked for many but can be costly. Good consultants are not expensive when you consider they can help you get up to speed faster with proven shortcuts and can help you minimize mistakes. Consultants can also help save you money in ways you did not think possible such as negotiating on leases, equipment and inventory. They already know who to talk with in the industry and what they can get in discounts.

There is plenty of free information from books and websites (like this one) that can help you. The issue is that there is a lot of incorrect information (not on this site of course :) ) and junk that will impede your potential. It’s difficult when starting out what is good and what isn’t.

Finally, a tanning consultant does not make decisions for you, that is your job as the owner. Rather they provide you with knowledge from experience in owning and running a tanning salon that you can use to make educated decisions. You don’t (and probably shouldn’t) agree with everything they say as your area and demographics may differ but these tools will be beneficial.


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