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tanning salon employee

Employees are a necessary, but difficult part of owning any business and a tanning salon is no different. Sure you could try and be on-site every open hour but this is a quick way to burnout. You must take the time to work on the business (sales, marketing and growth) instead of in the business (which pays minimum wage by the way)

Keep in mind that no employee is ever going to work as hard as the owner and if you can just get them to show up presentable and not drunk you are doing pretty well. One area that many tanning business owner overlook is the importance of developing an employee manual. While a huge investment of time, this manual will put in writing what you expect and how you want things done. Good systems eliminate having to tell each employee how to do something and gives a way to evaluate the employee to ensure they are doing their job. While a lot of tanning businesses have been successful without one, it wasn’t without a lot of issues.

Be sure to train and retrain employees every month, especially with information on cleaning, safety and sales. Sales are the lifeblood of your business and if you aren’t challenging (and paying) them they won’t make the effort. Making the add on sales for lotions and other stuff pays out big at the end of the day. Your employees who aren’t selling are costing you money as another employee could be making those sales for you and they can pay for themselves with the extra sales. Also focus on keeping the facility clean as being dirty can really sink a tanning salon.

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