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Timeframe to Start a Medical Billing Business


Timeframe to Start a Medical Billing Business

Starting a business will take you longer than you would expect as there will be several variables and people you will need help from before you can begin business.  Here are a few things to take into consideration when starting your medical billing business.


Training – Training can take months to years.  With the many types of medical billing training, the pace is yours.


Insurance Enrollment – Plan on at least 12 weeks – 6 months to become enrolled with Medicaid and Medicare as a billing agent, background checks, fingerprinting and sending sample claims.  Also plan to spend a few weeks to submit your EDI agreements to send claims electronically. To simplify, look for a clearinghouse to send claims electronically and plan on spending fees to enroll with them.

Business Plan – At your pace (figure up to three months) but an important step if you are going to have a successful medical billing business.  You wouldn’t see an contractor build a house without a blueprint would you?


Corporation/LLC filing – While you can start out as a sole proprietorship, the corporation and LLC provide a way to separate your personal and business assets in case of a lawsuit.


Some other tasks that vary depending on your timing and follow through

  • HIPAA compliance plan
  • Marketing materials (brochures, website, business cards, etc.)
  • Pricing
  • Software training
  • Setting up the office