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Tips for Owning a Tanning Salon


tips for owning a tanning salon

Being a business owner in any service industry (and the tanning salon is considered service) you will have to drop what you are doing when you are off work to put out fires. Owning a tanning salon is an intense but rewarding venture. Here are some tips will help you be more productive and profitable. Things will happen and employees will screw things up. Just factor this in to your decision to start a tanning salon and the effects on your personal and family life. Being an entrepreneur will require many hours over a traditional career. Spouses and children will be effected by the amount of time you will need to dedicate.

Add-on’s are a profitable part of owning a tanning business. Don’t overstock on lotion and secure a line that no one else carries. Too much inventory has your money essentially frozen and you can order from anyone and it will be to your salon in under five days. When starting out you may not know what is going to sell really good so stock light in your opening to be sure you aren’t stuck with inventory that you can’t sell.

When times are good, don’t forget that slow times will be coming. While it is fun seeing big numbers in the checking account, make sure there is enough stored away to keep the lights on when business drops off from July – November (the dreaded JASON months)

Speaking on the slow times, use these months to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and build from there. You will be slow so plan to make your business better during the next upswing.

Scheduling times for tanning salons also requires some great software to be productive. You need to document the tanning machine a person is scheduled for and how long. Some people will stay in a tanning bed for 5 minutes and others will stay for 15 minutes. You should give them at least 3 minutes before and after the session as well. There should be another 3 minutes for cleaning before anyone else gets access to it.


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