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How To Make Money From Photography


Can You Make Money Off of Photography

Having a passion for photography can be rewarding in many ways. For one it can give great satisfaction to be creative, and express yourself through pictures, much like artists do with their paintings.  Almost everyone with a camera would like to (tries to) make money from photography since it’s a passion but with the cost of good cameras today it can be difficult in creating a profitable business.  With so many people trying, here are some tips on how to make money from photography.

Take Pictures of Babies – A thing to remember here is that parents of newborns, are clearly some very busy people. They have problems with keeping up with everything, and will gladly pay anyone handsomely for doing a good photo job for them. A good tip here would be to take pictures of the parents and the child together, and then you should take the photos right away after they get home, or even before they leave the hospital. It is then a good idea to advertise your services on what you can call an “on-call” basis.

Pet Photos – Most pet owners won’t even attempt to take photographs with their pet all by themselves. Therefore it would be a great service, to offer them an easy way of getting this job done. It is actually not hard work at all, and you can get paid quite well too. Take payment for both you time working on this, and the actual finished product. You can offer your costumers to have the photographs delivered in their mail for fast delivery of course. If you want to offer a more professional look to it, then use a photo processing service.

Novelty Items – Basically you could offer a service to take pictures of people who want pictures of themselves, or of loved ones on novelty items like; key chains, tee-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, cd`s, or anything you can think of really. Again here you can be creative.

Travel Photos – The next time you go anywhere on vacation, think about the opportunities that are in travel photos. You can sell your photos from your trip abroad, but there are some things that you should focus on taking pictures of, if you are planning on doing this. Firstly you would want to take lots of pictures of beaches, local people working, scenic wonders, historic places, tourist activities, unusual signs, to name a few. These should be one of the most saleable types of pictures.

Vacation Family Postcards – Why not be the one who offer your services to people that want pictures of themselves taken and put on postcards? This is a great because of its simplicity. People like to give personalized reminders to show to their family.

Graduations – Either if it’s preschool, high school, or college graduations, there are plenty of photography related opportunities right here. Think of everyone wanting a perfect reminder of this significant moment in their life. If you happen to know how you can get a good location, and have a good digital camera available, then you must be prepared to make some really good money off your photos. Therefore get some really good shots in.


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