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Marketing a Landscaping Business

marketing a lawn care business

There are many ways to market a landscaping business and finding the right one takes time because every area and market is different. One thing that doesn’t change is that marketing your landscaping and lawn care business is a numbers game. The more people you reach, the higher your inquiries, because not everyone is interested in your services when they …

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Landscaping Management Software

After your have secured your first few clients and the business starts growing , you will face the issues of time management and making sure you keep on top of your business. Landscaping management software is available to help with the management of the business and will be one of the better investments you can make in your lawn care …

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What Do You Need To Start a Lawn Care Business?

what do you need to start a lawn care business

What Do You Need To Start a Lawn Care Business?  That question is almost always the first question on someone’s mind who is looking to get started but the only way to really answer that is how much money do you have and what are you trying to accomplish? Unless you have a great business plan and know there will …

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How To Price a Landscaping Job

price landscaping job

How much do you charge for a landscaping job?  Pricing your landscaping services is a difficult task, especially when you are new.  In some areas where there is a lot of competition a ceiling for pricing has been established.  You will also come across customers who refuse to pay your rate which may only be $5 more.  In this situation you will have …

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Licensing a Landscaping Business

licensing a landscaping business

There are several ways to register a landscaping business and the right answer will depend on the state you live in, the services you provide and your personal situation. To start with you will need to choose a business structure. Here is a basic run down of each but there may be some particulars to be aware of for your …

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What To Know Before You Start A Lawn Care Business

start a lawn care business

Author: Michelle Bery For those who relish the idea of entrepreneurship, the start of your own small lawn care business can be enormously freeing – both financially and emotionally. Of course, owning and operating a successful business means initially finding a business idea that will meet a need while generating enough of a cash flow to be financially viable.  Starting …

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How to Prepare Lawn Service Contracts for your Lawn Care Business

lawn care contract

Author: J.E.M. The importance of a well-designed and well-written lawn service contract is clear. The contract will outline the responsibilities of both the lawn care company and the lawn care customer (such as services, prices, etc.) as well as include other pertinent information such as timelines and schedules. In this sue-happy world that we live in, doing business without a contract is …

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Want To Work In The Gardening And Landscaping Business?

gardening business

Author: Cindy Heller If you are keen into gardening and landscaping, love plants and working outdoors, you may consider enter the business. Those who aren’t into gardening may think that working in this area means digging up and putting nice plants in place, but in fact, there are many jobs available into the landscaping business. But, above all, what all …

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How To Make Money With A Lawncare Business

make money with a lawn care business

Most homeowners dream of having a beautiful lawn for their home, but they don’t dream of having to work on it whenever they have a spare moment.  With this knowledge, you can understand why having a lawncare business is the perfect opportunity to make money for yourself. With a lawncare business, you don’t have to wheel a lawnmower around the neighborhood, but …

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Landscaping Insurance Basics

lawncare insurance

In this sue-happy and  competitive world, lawn care businesses have to learn to manage risk in order to survive and thrive. Making sure you have adequate insurance protection for your landscaping business is a must to protect your personal and business assets. While it is often a time-consuming and frustrating experience every successful business owner will go through it. While …

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