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Designing a Restaurant Menu

designing a restaurant menu

Author: Josh Stone When you’re a start-up business with a shoe-string budget, that photocopied sheet with a simple list of your dishes was enough to get by. But as your business grows and becomes more successful, the time will eventually come when somebody says, “Isn’t it time we got a more professional-looking menu?” Yes, indeed, a full-featured, laminated menu just …

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Starting A Small Restaurant

starting a small restaurant

What You Need To Know About Starting A Restaurant Author: Mario Churchill There are over 900,000 restaurants and eateries in the United States, and they serve more than 70 billion snacks and meals every year. You know how to cook and you like people, but what do you know about starting a small restaurant? While it is a romantic idea, …

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Restaurant Business License

restaurant business license

State Requirements  While restaurant business licenses vary from state to state, some of the more common types are listed below. Health Permit If you are going to prepare or serve food that is not sealed you will need a health permit which typically consists of a sanitation course. Business Licenses  A state business license is the main document required for tax purposes …

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How To Finance A New Restaurant

how to finance a restaurant

I Want To Start My Own Restaurant Business But What Finance Options Do I Have? Author: Jene Pedder So you want to start your own restaurant business but your worried you can’t raise the finance you need to set your business up, if so this article is for you. I will cover the different options that you may want to …

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