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Starting a Fitness Center

starting a fitness center

  Owning a gym is a common dream that many people have.  The story typically goes something along the lines of that they love being in a gym; seeing the beautiful people and hearing the grunting, the yelling and the clinking of weights.  They are passionate about bodybuilding/training/etc and the work seems pretty easy – shoot the bull with some …

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Marketing a Fitness Center

To have a profitable fitness center marketing is key but how do you market a fitness center?   The drop out rate of gym memberships is very high so you must constantly advertise to keep new memberships coming in. must be sold every month.  Be sure to budget money every month to advertise as it is easy to think you can …

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Finding the Best Location for a Gym

best location for a gym

Finding a location for a gym is a big factor when someone is deciding to join.  Finding the right facility at the right price is critical to your success. If your customers can’t find you, park easily then you simply will not be able to cater to your chosen market. Given that rent is a major expense, plan on spending …

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Costs to Start a Gym

costs to start a gym

The costs associated with starting a gym or fitness center will depend on size, location, equipment, number of employees, and overhead expenses.  Everybody has a different vision for their gym so writing an article with an exact number on how much it will cost to start a gym is not realistic, but after with the experience starting several gyms and …

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How To Make Money With a Gym

how to make money with a gym

If you want to make money with remember this simple fact.  Most people stop going within a few weeks of joining and this is why pumping a lot of marketing dollars into bringing in new contracts is so important. Most gyms see 50-60 percent of new members start in January to meet those new year’s resolutions so marketing around this time …

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Marketing Tips For a Gym

marketing tips for a gym

While there are a lot of ways to advertise here are a few proven marketing tips for a gym. Sampling Sampling is similar to what you see in the grocery store.  Your try a product and if you like it you are much more likely to buy.  Use this same concept for your gym to get more sales.  While many …

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