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Starting a Winery

starting a winery

  Starting a winery is not for the faint of heart.  A winery has multiple challenges that a typical business doesn’t face such as the growing, manufacturing and retailing all at the same time.  A winery owner is part farmer, part scientist, part marketer and part retailer.   A winery is also a business that typically has very low profits and …

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Costs to Start a Winery

costs to start a winery

Starting a winery is a very expensive undertaking.  Unlike many businesses, a winery requires both the raw good, manufacturing and retailing of the product.  The actual costs to start a winery is going to vary dramatically depending on where you are located due to land prices but also the level of finishing for your building.  These costs are representative for …

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Winery Marketing

winery marketing

Primarily due to the fact that most wineries rely on sales through their tasting room, the wine industry is highly fragmented and very competitive, which means winery marketing is very important.  Not only is their direct competition from the local market but the consumer has a choice to go to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine.   …

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Winery Licensing

winery licensing

To get a winery license and begin operations all federal, state, (county and city if necessary) regulations will need to be met, which include obtaining several licenses, permits, and bonds. You will want to make contact with the various entities early in the planning stage to be sure all of the necessary licenses and permits are available by the time …

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Choosing A Winery Location

winery location

Your winery location is a very important factor when establishing a winery.  While it is tempting to minimize your land acquisition costs, that may mean you are far away from traffic and population.  Having a remote location will probably come at the expense of customer recognition, tasting room traffic, and bottle price expectation. Also as a smaller winery direct selling …

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Starting a Vineyard

Starting a vineyard to supply grapes to your winery is a huge expense in both initial investment and labor.  Expect to spend $8,000 – $15,000 per acre just for the trellis, posts, and plants. This initial cost isn’t all that you After the vineyard is established, the plants will require a large amount of water to ensure they survive over …

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