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Tips for Starting a Tanning Salon

starting a tanning business

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of tips for starting a tanning salon, these will cover a majority of the issues you will face when starting your tanning business. Owning a business isn’t easy and the tanning business is no exception. While you may be knowledgeable about the tanning part there is still the employee management, retail sales, marketing, bookkeeping, …

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How Much Does It Cost To Start a Tanning Salon?

how much does it cost to start a tanning salon

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Tanning Salon?  The short answer is that the costs of getting a tanning salon started can vary greatly but be prepared to spend a lot.  The following tanning startup costs are a general list and some costs may or may not apply to your situation. Buildout Finishing the rooms to include building materials …

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Financing a Tanning Salon

financing a tanning salon

Know in advance that financing a tanning salon is going to be difficult, even if you have great credit. The best advice for getting a tanning salon loan is to have as little debt as possible (both personal and business).  This may include some combination of debt financing, leasing and a lot of cash.  Be sure when working on your business plan …

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Marketing a Tanning Salon

marketing a tanning salon

Marketing is essential to keep your tanning business successful.  To do well in marketing a tanning salon, there are a really only a few things you need to do well, but it is amazing that so few are even trying.  Even if you are happy with sales today, effective marketing dollars still need to be spent to keep new customers coming in …

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How Much Does a Tanning Salon Make?

how much does a tanning salon make

The big question on everyone looking to get into the tanning business is how much does a tanning salon make? One word of caution. Don’t put too much faith in the numbers tanning bed distributors are giving you. Why? They are trying to sell you something. While their intentions may be good, a lot will project sales on an ideal …

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Tips for Owning a Tanning Salon

tips for owning a tanning salon

Being a business owner in any service industry (and the tanning salon is considered service) you will have to drop what you are doing when you are off work to put out fires. Owning a tanning salon is an intense but rewarding venture. Here are some tips will help you be more productive and profitable. Things will happen and employees …

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Buying a Tanning Salon

Buying a tanning salon is a quick way to get started in the industry.  Many salons aren’t profitable or are set up to succeed so be sure you aren’t buying someone else’s troubles.  Here are a few suggestions when looking into buying a tanning salon. Due Diligence With the intense competition in the tanning business these days, many salons are offered …

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Organizational Structure for a Tanning Salon

Sole Proprietorship The sole proprietorship is a simple, informal structure that is inexpensive to form; it is usually owned by a single person or a marital community. The sole proprietorship is typically used for a business structure as it is easy to form and inexpensive. The owner operates the business, is personally liable for all business debts, can freely transfer …

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Branding Your Tanning Salon With a Logo

tanning salon logo

Are you looking to get into the very lucrative tanning salon business or looking to ramp up your current salon’s look? Before you start planning on how to start or improve your tanning salon, consider a new tanning salon logo design. A customized logo is the basic building block for all of the branding and promotion that you will do …

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Tanning Salon Competition

tanning salon competition

If you are considering an investment in a tanning business to start a new salon, researching your competition is a must. How do you do it? First off, tan at all of your competitors. Make a list of questions such as: number of customers during peak and non peak hours, pricing, equipment, image/cleanliness. If they aren’t busy it can be …

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