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Dealing With Competition In Your Photography Business


Photography business competition

As with any business, competition can make it difficult to make money and the photo business is especially prone to this as anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a professional. The story typically starts with a new competitor opening up their photography business and undercuts all of the area photographers pricing, which makes it difficult to compete. This competitor is practically giving their work away by pricing is near cost because they more than likely don’t know what the true cost of doing business is.

The heart of the issue is that photography has become a commodity in most markets. There are too many photographers willing to make very little money for their efforts and they typically do on a part-time basis. It is a way to bring in a little money and write off the equipment.

To excel against the competition be sure you have:

  • Defined your niche(s) and excel in that area(s). While there is a need for a general photographer, the reality is that there typically very little money to be made there.
  • Know your market and what they want
  • Provide better service and quality
  • Know what you need to charge and don’t deviate. Veering off course only sends the wrong message about the perceived quality of your work.

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