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Landscaping Management Software


After your have secured your first few clients and the business starts growing , you will face the issues of time management and making sure you keep on top of your business. Landscaping management software is available to help with the management of the business and will be one of the better investments you can make in your lawn care business. Lawn care software will help automate many parts of your business, making more time mowing and less time with administrative tasks that bring no income. A few of the benefits to using lawn care software include:

  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Mapping and routing
  • Customer information
  • Cost tracking
  • Accounts receivable
  • And more

While you can run a lawn care business without this software, your time will be more efficient and professionalism will be much higher. There are several companies offering lawn care software and a few of the more respected ones are listed below. Check out their websites as many offer a free demonstration before buying.

Real Green
The most expensive of the bunch but offers the most functionality. It will set you back about $5,000, plus annual fees, but offers just about anything you need it to do. It shines with data collection, reporting, inventory tracking, routing and billing.

From a cost standpoint, it may be best until you get to over 300 clients before purchasing.

Lawn Pro is a great mid range priced lawn care software and does well in tracking customers, scheduling and invoicing. The learning curve takes awhile but once you get it, things work well.

There is a free version for up to 10 customers up to a pro version for $200.

Gopher lawn care software provides a simple way to schedule jobs and create invoices. Gopher offers account maintenance, routing, invoicing and accounts receivable. The biggest complaint is the lack of updates and issues with customer service but many have used this software successfully.

Scheduling Manager from Thoughtful Systems
This software does scheduling, billing, customer information, scheduling, payroll, mapping, and has a Quickbooks interface to integrate with your bookkeeping software. It also has a neat SMS feature, which sends text messages to your employee’s cellphone with work order details.

Provides a wide range of features and reporting and is good for both the landscaper and mower. Groundskeeper is decent software for the money and reliable. Groundskeeper comes in a lite and pro version with the pro version costing $400.

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