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Pricing Bookkeeping Services


pricing bookkeeping services

Pricing bookkeeping services range between $25 and $50 an hour (which is much cheaper than the $100 to $250 an hour a CPA charges). Your price depends on your location and level of competition, reputation and depth of your work and number of small businesses in your area.

When setting your pricing be sure to ask questions to the client to be sure you have a good grasp on their needs and whether you can provide the services. This makes it less of a focus on the cost per hour and more on how you can solve the clients problems. Questions can include number of employees, number of checks written, deposits, etc. If you can do this right you have shown your value to the client and the price (as long as it’s reasonable) isn’t an issue. When discussing pricing bookkeeping services, be sure to focus on what you can do for the client and not on price alone. Someone who can solve complicated problems can avoid this subject and quite frankly it can be those clients who focus solely on price that are not worth the hassle once you factor in the true time you spend on them.

Figure on the average small business client using about eight hours per month of your time. Some will be more and some will be less but eight is a good average.

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