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Read This Before You Buy Used Vending Machines


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One of the best ways to begin a vending business is by getting used vending machines. Second-hand machines can cost half the price of a brand new unit. Sometimes you can chance upon so-called used machines which have never been used. Sometimes vending business owners have more machines than they can find locations for. These are good as new machines for less.

Before buying used vending machines find out what you want to sell. A coffee vending unit won’t dispense soda or snacks. Find out what you will sell in particular areas and then get the kind of machines for each item. Check your market and what they would likely buy from a vending facility.

The size of your used vending machines should also match the size of your market. If you will be locating machines at a university campus, you should get bigger vending units. Smaller and more compact machines are more suitable for small offices with only a few employees. The bigger they are, the more expensive they cost. It might not be worth getting large units for a small market.

There are two kinds of machines, the mechanized and electronic kinds. These days most large vending units are electronic, smaller ones are often mechanical. Electronic machines are more expensive but are also more reliable. Although mechanical ones are cheaper they may be a maintenance headache. Check if the used vending machines you might buy are mechanized or electronic.

The problem with second-hand units is their durability. Old machines will need fixing more often than new ones. If you are able to repair the machines yourself, then buying second-hand machines may be beneficial for you. But if you have to hire a repairman every time the old machines break it might come out more expensive than buying new machines.

A useful tip is to write down the brand of the used vending machines, model number, the year it was built, and get the price. Once home search it on the net and check if that model is still being manufactured or if spare parts are still available. You may also see some reviews about certain models. Find out if the machine you looked at has a known history of chronic problems. Check the price online and compare it to the price you got earlier.

Even though a used vending machine is very cheap, you may have a problem repairing them if there are no spare parts available. In this case, it might be more practical to buy new machines. If your budget is short for brand new equipment, get funding from other sources like banks and private lending firm. You may need to present a business plan if you have to borrow money.

Get help and tips from other vending business owners about where to get cheap but reliable machines.

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