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Restaurant Business License


State Requirements 
While restaurant business licenses vary from state to state, some of the more common types are listed below.

Health Permit
If you are going to prepare or serve food that is not sealed you will need a health permit which typically consists of a sanitation course.

Business Licenses 
A state business license is the main document required for tax purposes and conducting other basic business functions. Many states have established small business assistance agencies to help small businesses comply with state requirements.

Occupations and Professions 
State licenses are frequently required for occupations as varied as building contractors, physicians, appraisers, accountants, barbers, real estate agents, auctioneers, private investigators, private security guards, funeral directors, bill collectors, and cosmetologists. Since each state is different, check with your states licensing authorities.

Tax Registration 
If the state in which you operate has a state income tax, you’ll have to register and obtain an employer identification number from your state Department of Revenue or Treasury Department.

Trade Name Registration 
If your business will only be operated in your local community, registering your company name with the state may be sufficient. This will not protect your name from anyone else using it. It just creates a paper trail of who is doing business under a certain name. Check with your county clerks office to see if you need a restaurant business license.

Employer Registrations 
If you have any employees, you’ll probably be required to make unemployment insurance contributions for your restaurant business. For more information, contact your state Department of Revenue or Department of Labor.

Source: http://sba.gov/smallbusinessplanner/start/getlicensesandpermits/SERV_BP_STREQ.html

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