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Vending Machine Business Start Up – How To Get Started With Very Little Money!


Author: Chris Robertson

Getting started in the vending business isn’t as hard as some may think here are a few tips and tricks to get started with very little money today. You don’t need a ton of capital to get this thing started, because I am going to tell you that there are ways that you can get machines for cheap prices and you can build up this business in a fantastic way where you are not dumping out thousands and thousands of dollars.

At the end of the day, we are running a business and we want to make sure that we can actually run this business effectively. It doesn’t make sense for us to spend five to ten thousand dollars on a machine and take three to five years to pay it off. We want to do this, you know, we want to buy the equipment, set it up on location, get people buying products through the machine and we want to earn the profits from the business and pay off the equipment as fast as possible. So that we can start reinvesting our earnings and buying more equipment and building the business, or using your money for your own personal use. Whatever you want to do, what you are doing with your money. Right? So those are some of the benefits of the vending business.

So how can someone get started with very little money? Okay, so you don’t need a ton of money to get started in this business. You don’t need to go to go to your bank and say, I need a line of credit or I need a loan for thousands, ten thousands, fifty thousand, hundred thousand dollars. No. You don’t need to do that because you can buy machines that are used. You can buy machines that are new, but the new ones are really expensive.

I wouldn’t advise somebody who is starting out in this business that doesn’t have a lot of money to start with, to go out and start buying new machines. Some people might think, Oh, but if I buy a new machine it is going to be easier for me to get it into a location. No, I have been at this for over nine years. I still use used machines, but I make sure the machines that I buy are in good shape and that are eye appealing. Then I can put them on a location. Can I clean up the machine a bit? Can I do something do it to make it cosmetically look good? There are tons of things that you can do with this.

Number two. You can rent machines. Test out a location by renting an actual vending machine. There is a friend of mine that I know here in Canada that rents machines out to various vending operator’s and companies in our community. In my area, you can rent machines. I have rented machines from him before and what I will do is I if I have a feeling that I am not really sure about a location or whatever, I might rent a machine from him for three or four months and just sort of test out a location and see what the location pulls in for money before I actually make and investment. So did you know that you can actually get machines for free? Coke and Pepsi have a program where by they will loan you machines for free and in return all that you do is purchase product from them.

I wouldn’t recommend going to Coke and Pepsi right away to actually try to get machines if you haven’t actually started in the business. You want to start in the business, get your feet wet in the business, understand that the business and get an idea before you approach them. They don’t want just anybody getting these machines; they want to see that you have been in the business. They are going to ask you questions and stuff. You want to get yourself familiar with this business before you go down that road. You can actually get these machines for free if you set this up. I mean, by calling them and talking to them and trying to get into their system. There is a huge opportunity there because it saves you a lot of money. Now, mind you, those are pop machines so you are going to have to make a small investment in buying your snack machines if you go down that road.

My main thing is pop and snack machines. That is what I do. I have a couple of coffee machines and a food machine here and one bulk vending candy machine. The biggest thing for me is just the pop and snacks. I find that to be a profitable source of income. I have suppliers in the area that I can easily get machines from. That is how someone can get started with very little money.

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About the Author:
Chris Robertson is a 9 year vending operator who works out of Toronto,Canada. http://www.toronto-vending-services.com/vending-services.html
For more information about how you can get started in the vending business visit Chris’s site http://www.your-vending-resource.com/vendingbusiness.html

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