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What Do You Need To Start a Lawn Care Business?


what do you need to start a lawn care business

What Do You Need To Start a Lawn Care Business?  That question is almost always the first question on someone’s mind who is looking to get started but the only way to really answer that is how much money do you have and what are you trying to accomplish?

Unless you have a great business plan and know there will be enough money to be coming in all year you are going to be better off waiting to make some purchases.  Your income may essentially stop in the winter months but the monthly mower payment won’t stop.

You will do yourself a favor to buy your equipment as you need it, not as you want it.  Cash flow is king and there have been too many lawn care businesses fail because the owner had to have such and such equipment but did not have the client base to make the payments.  Worst case, if you have the opportunity to bid a big job but don’t have the equipment is to rent.  Sure it costs a lot to rent but so does owning a big piece of equipment that you can’t readily use on a regular basis.

With that said here are a few tips on deciding on lawn care equipment.

The first consideration is dealer support.  You can buy the best brand but if you can’t get it serviced than it isn’t the best for you.  You may not think this is important but is vital to your business as downtime means no income.  A good dealer will have loaners available should it take longer to get fixed than expected.

The next recommendation is to forego the home grade stuff and go commercial.  If the new commercial stuff is out of your budget then find used.  There are always landscaping businesses going under so your chances of finding used in the local classifieds, eBay and Craigslist are pretty good.

Equipment reliability can vary depending on model and brand.  You can find good recommendations on equipment by going to the many online forums and asking questions.

A few of the online forums are:

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